Chinese Herbs

Raw Chinese Herbs Combined with Acupuncture, a customized formula of Chinese herbs is often used to treat the condition. Using thorough TCM diagnosis, each herbal formula is tailored to meet your body’s specific requirements to promote and restore balance.

Proper use of Chinese medicines should be based on the patient's body constitution and clinical condition at the time of diagnosis, and on proper method of administration under the advise of a Registered TCM Practitioner. As the condition of the patient evolves, the herbal formula also changes along the way.

Powdered HerbsTiming for Taking Medicine
Some Chinese medicines have to be taken at a specific time, such as before a meal, after a meal, before eating any food, or before bed time. When Alice prescribes your medicine, she will indicate when it should be taken.

Foods or Drinks to be Avoided When Taking Chinese Medicines
It is important to avoid foods or drinks which have a stimulant effect, or are difficult to digest. Chinese medicines are usually taken together with warm water. In general, you should not drink strong tea, coffee, or pop at the same time as Chinese medicines.

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Preparation of Herbs

Powdered Herbs Ready for SteepingPreparing Powdered Herbs
Most of the Chinese herbs prescribed by Alice come in a powdered form. The powdered herbs are of finest quality and are carefully prepared for your condition in packages to be consumed each day.

1. Empty the package into a cup and fill with boiling water.

2. Stir thoroughly, cover, and allow it to steep for about 30 minutes.

3. If the cup has cooled, warm it in the microwave and consume while warm.

Preparing Raw Herbs

The best containers for herbal decoctions include ceramic containers such as Earthenware, enamel, and clay pots. It is best to avoid metal containers such as cast iron, or titanium pots.

1. Put the herbs in the pot and wash thoroughly.

2. Add water until it is about 2-3 cm above the medicine and let it soak for about 15-20 minutes.

3. Bring the water to a boil on high heat.

4. Once boiled, simmer on low heat for 30-45 minutes until only 1 cup of liquid remains.

5. Strain the decoction into a cup and drink while warm.

6. Herbs can be saved to be recooked a second time.